Distorted Recording

My question is quite similar. I’m recording LPs. I cannot find a way to reduce the recording level. As a result, all tracks are completely clipped and therefore distorted. When I try to move the record level down in Audacity I get a message that tells me to make the adjustment on my computer. I’ve done that but the clipping continues full force. I monitor the waveform clipping and get tracks full of red. I’m using Audacity and Mac OSX 10.6.8. Thanks for any help!

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How are you doing that? What equipment are you using and how is it all connected?

I have a USB turntable made by “it” (innovative technology). I’m running its USB cable directly into my MacPro tower. Do I need to purchase some other kind of equipment to run this through so I can adjust audio record levels?

Read the Manual for the USB turntable to see if it has a knob to turn its output volume down.

I’ve double-checked the manual and there is no way to reduce the level on the hardware.

As far as I’m aware Mac computers have no way to adjust the level of USB audio input.

Does your Mac have a stereo “Line Level” input? (most Macs have a high quality stereo line level input).
Does the turntable have “Line Out”?
If the answer is yes to both questions, then you can use a suitable stereo lead to connect the line level output from the turntable to the line level input of the Mac. The recording level can then be adjusted in whatever the normal way is for a Mac (I don’t use Macs).