Distorted recording via IDJ2 and Behringer 202


I am confused!! - I have previously recorded my mixes into a minidisc and then transfered them into the microphone socket on the side of my laptop and then into Audacity. Trying to simplify things I wanted to record directly into my laptop - connecting RCA jacks into the microphone on the side of the laptop - I could see the recording but it was horribly loud (even at .1 on the recording setting.) - I have then bought a Behringer UCA 202 thinking this would help as it would be a USB connection but I have the same problem.

Am I missing something - I have read forums about using “primary sound driver option” or the “realtek microphone” but I though I was connecting a USB?

PLease help!!

I have previously recorded my mixes

You didn’t back up far enough. Where did the mixes come from? Exactly. Detail is good.



I have previously recorded mixes by connecting cables from the “record out” at the back of the Numark IDJ2 via stereo jack into the “Line in” of my MiniDisc. I then connected the minidisc via the headphone socket into the microphone socket of the laptop and into Audacity - the recordings are fine and I have posted them successfully on Soundcloud.

Thinking this was a bit of a rigmarole I thought it would be easier to plug direct from the “record out” on the IDJ2 into the microphone socket on the laptop - this led to a highly distorted recording even with the recording level on Audacity turned down to .1.

I have then bought a Behringer UCA 202 and connected from the record out on the idj2 into the line in on the UCA 202 and connected the usb into the port on the side of the laptop - again the the Audacity recording is massively distorted unless I reduce the gain controls on the IDJ2 right down to almost inaudible.

The signal is there so I am guessing there is something on my laptop with regard to the recording volume or in Audacity with regard to accepting the USB connection I am missing.

Help appreciated!

Are you using some version of Windows?

microphone socket

If you ever got that to work, then you got lucky. Highly Distorted is normal. Mic-In is Very Sensitive, prone to overloading and distortion – and usually mono, not stereo.

This is the typical and usually only use for Mic-In.


The UCA202 should have worked. Make sure you plug in the UCA202, let Windows chew on it for a couple of seconds, and then start Audacity. Select USB Audio Device in Audacity Preferences > Devices > Recording.



Working now - but have the recording setting in windows set down to 1 (max being 50) and set at 0.1 on Audacity and the trims on the IDJ2 set below midway, anything more and the readings top out and it distorts.

A bit more fine tuning required,unless you guys can come up with anything?

Thanks for your help so far.

On Windows with USB devices it’s not unusual for the recording level to need to be extremely low. Windows often assumes that USB devices are microphones and thus amplifies the signal far too much when set to what would seem a “reasonable” level. Check that Windows is set to record stereo - Windows will often default to mono for USB devices.

“Just below midway” for the IDJ2 sounds about right as DJ decks tend to push out a pretty big signal.