Distorted recording using focusrite scarlett

Hi everyone

I’m trying to record into audacity for the first time after getting a focusrite scarlett pre-amp and condenser microphone, but the recording is a bit distorted.

I’ve attached a recording so you can hear what I mean. I record in pro tools and it works fine, but not in audacity.

I plug the pre-amp into my Acer laptop via the USB and the microphone plugs into the Pre-amp.

Any ideas what might be wrong?



You got me.

There is a tiny portion of the sound gone every .002 seconds through the whole file. I would have bet that was USB error or other time sharing or data management problem. But that would have affected Pro Tools, too.



Hey Koz,

As I’m relatively new to all this, I was just wondering how you diagnosed that? I definitely hear the distortion but would have no idea how to identify it or describe it the way you did.