Distorted play back

Hi Folks
I have gust downloaded the Audacity program, after using Adobe for years, I am running windows XP. When I record from my sound system on my computer and play it back the sound becomes distorted after about 10 seconds, up until then the sound is great, clear and crisp I have tried all the suggested fixes but to no avail. Can any one help me please.

What are you recording - playback of sounds on your computer using stereo mix or what U hear?

What audio device are you using to record - SoundBlaster or USB card or built-in audio?

If you are recording computer playback, turn off Transport > Software Playthrough.

If the audio is recorded too loud, use the right-hand input slider in Mixer Toolbar:

to reduce the input level.

Audacity does not apply real time effects during recording. If the above does not help you may need to find and turn off sound effects in the sound card.

If the effects are already turned off, ensure you have proper drivers for the audio device you are using. Please see: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Updating_Sound_Device_Drivers .

Please be careful with Windows XP. Microsoft are no longer officially supporting it, so it will be unpatched against any new security vulnerabilities that appear. Ensure you have a good third-party anti-virus application, but be aware that it will not give you complete protection against a previously unknown attack.

If it is not practicable for you to update to the much more secure Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can consider installing a Linux operating system instead. Most versions are free and all are very secure.


I am a Country Music DJ and use Sams, what I am trying to do is record my outgoing shows to Audacity to save them for future use but as I said I get about 10 secs of high quality play back and the it becomes distorted. I have tried the settings as suggested but to no avail. John

Sorry but you will have to give some more detail.

Is the Sam software this: http://spacial.com/sam-dj ? Are you sure that software isn’t applying effects?

Is the problem in what you recorded? Generate > Tone (30 seconds) and play it. Does it play through to the end properly?

Please open Device Toolbar . What are all four entries you see for host/output device/input device and recording channels?

Have you always had this problem with Audacity or has it just started?


Hi Mate,

The program is Sam Broadcaster (Spacial Audio) and no its not applying effects.

no the sound is perfect, the music I am recording plays perfect all the way through, it is the play back that is the problem after 10 seconds it becomes distorted.

I have tried both MME and Windows Direct Sound, Realtek HD Audio Output, Realtek HD Audio Input, Stereo input channel.

I have only just downloaded Audacity and am trying to get it setup.


I would check that very carefully if you have http://spacial.com/sam-broadcaster . That program includes lots of effects.

Did the tone play properly or not in Audacity, please? We are trying to establish if the problem occurs when recording, or if the recording is OK but its playback in Audacity is not OK.

If you export the recording to WAV and listen to the WAV in Windows Media Player, is it distorted after 10 seconds?

I doubt there would be an input called simply “Realtek HD Audio Input”. It should say Microphone or Line In or Stereo Mix or similar before the “Realtek”.

We can’t see your computer, so we’ll need you to describe more exactly how you are connecting all the pieces of equipment to the computer. Are you connecting any cables from a turntable to the computer? If yes, to what port on the computer do you connect the cable? Does that computer port have a black, pink or blue colour?

Are you recording from the turntable into Sam, or playing files in Sam that you have already recorded, then choosing stereo mix or similar as the recording input in Audacity (in other words, you’re asking Audacity to record computer playback)?

Have you tried exactly the same output and input devices that you were using in Adobe?