Distorted microphone track

I replaced my notebook (Win 11) a few days ago and reinstalled Audacity (3.2.5) without changing anything.
But now when I record with my USB mic (via sound card), the audio track sounds distorted and latency.
Can I do anything to fix this?
Thank you and have a nice day!

Mauro 58

Hmm… What do you mean by:


Sorry, for me it’s difficult explain in English, but I try; the sound feels like it was recorded underwater, with a “bubble” effect and with fluctuating volume.
If there was a way to attach a sound track of a few seconds, perhaps the concept could be clearer.
Excuse my low English, but I don’t like to use translators…

Your new computer could have Windows “audio enhancements” enabled, e.g. noise-reduction echo reduction, etc.
Here’s how to turn them off … Turn off or Disable Audio Enhancements in Windows 10 - YouTube
Disable the recording & the playback enhancements.

Thanks for the reply.
Today I tried disabling the sound enhancements, but still nothing changed.
I read somewhere that HP notebooks have a special handling of audio; I want to try to write to the assistance service and see if they can suggest me something.
For now, thanks anyway and have a nice day!

Some do have MaxxAudio … "HP notebook" MaxxAudio -Dell - Google Zoeken
which can be a second layer of audio enhancements which should be turned off.


Thanks again, but the problem remain.
I wrote to HP customer service.
We’ll see…

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