Distorted channel

Win 7 Pro
Audacity 2.1.1
We record our church service using Audacity and I then edit and create separate tracks of the entire service before burning copies of it. On occasion I get this distortion occurring…on just this track. It’s very noisy and I have to split stereo track so I can mute this in order to have a legible recording. It happens randomly…Sometimes comes and goes…sometimes never…other times the entire service. What is taking place?

Adding this short snippet of sound in hopes someone can help me.

I’m pretty sure that’s an analog problem, but obviously you’re not hearing it in the PA system… Maybe it’s the soundcard (or interface).

Is the PA system stereo? Usually not, because the people sitting on the left & right need to hear the same thing.

Do you know if it’s related to one particular microphone/channel?

Hi DVDdoug…house is not stereo… We do not hear it in the house…thank goodness…and I really don’t think it’s connected to just one mic/channel.It can come and go at random. It always occurs on the same channel when it does act up.If I split the file into a stereo track, and mute the culprit everything sounds fine. Last weeks recording came out just fine, the entire service. I’m on the board this Sunday, so will watch closely again.