Distorted audio after editing in Audacity

I recently had the problem of my edited audio files sounding distorted after i edit them and export from Audacity as MP3 files.
The audio sounds fine using my laptop and via my headphones i have plugged in, however when i drop the audio to a website and listen to that audio on my phone, the audio is distorted. Anyone have any ideas?

Another note is I tried to edit the same master audio file in Garage band, exported and had the same problem with the distorted audio,

The hosting site maybe resampling the work for greater efficiency. If you started out life with MP3 clips and sound work and we assume the producer of that work started with MP3, and then you made a new MP3…and then the hosting site resampled yet again, you may be out of conversions. MP3 gets worse and worse each time you make a new one, even if you export in the same quality as the original.

You generally don’t hear it until somebody crosses the magic boundary. It doesn’t take very many exports at 128 (normally safe) to cross 64 which is the lower limit of Stereo MP3. Edit and Export 128 three times should do it.

Are you talking about honky, bubbling, wine-glass, bad-cellphone sound? That’s compression distortion.

What did the hosting site say when you asked them?