Distorsion / Echo problem

Hi, Im new here and I tried for 2 hours to solve a problem I have with the audio of a recorded video.

The Video has been recorder with OBS and it is about a meeting. The Video is 1 hour and 40 min long and when the meeting ended i discovered that the audio had some strange problems.

I seperated audio from video and tried to solve with my Audacity 2.3.3 (installed on my Windows 10 64bit) but i can’t.

Im new on these kinds of stuff and I would appreciate your help. (sorry from my Italian bad English)


In attachment a sample of the audio I extract.

I think OBS was trying to record more than one show. I think the computer is trying to record your live show and manage a conference. I think those tones are people entering and leaving the conference.

You may also get this effect if you have your computer set up to record internet music or shows. Recording the internet has to run the play and record sides of the computer at the same time and then cross the sound. Make sure Audacity is recording from a real thing—a real microphone or microphone system and not a software app.

I think next time you record a performance, you should Shift + Shutdown the computer, wait, and then Start to make sure you’re the only job the computer is doing. Then make sure your microphone is selected for recording.

You can also do a test recording. Set up to record just as you have and see if it still happens.


Uhm thanks Koz, I recorded the screen, I don’t know if the Chinese rooms are the problem, but I did a simple short test and it was OK. Any suggestion on how to solve the problem? 1.40 hour like this is frustrating.

I recorded the screen

Then I have no idea. But I think it’s suspicious that the interference has nothing to do with the voice except the voice is “keying” the sound on and off and the sound appears to be clear tones and not distorted or crunchy.

I’d be really surprised if the computer wasn’t trying to record two different shows or performances.


It’s the same conversation, but ~3x normal speed & chopped.

So no way to get a better quality?

:confused: maybe only CIA has the right Software.