Distant shrill bird noise over speech despite noise gate/reduction

Hi, I have tried to record as good raw material as I can for an online meditation. I’ve done a noise sample and applied noise gate and noise removal. I feel like I’ve really cleaned the track up well but I’m going for as close to studio quality as I can get with these. And there’s a few high pitched birds that chirp all day outside. The noise removal gets rid of them from the silent sections but they are still present when I’m talking a few times and it’s really shrill.
How do I zoom in on these high pitch sounds and get rid of them manually? I don’t have a lot of knowledge in sound production but I’m keen to learn. Thanks, Lou

Birds will show up on a spectrogram, can remove with spectral edit tools

notch bird
A laborious job to do it manually, AI could probably do it much quicker.