Displaying extension on Mac title bar

I’ve been experimenting with the Chain function in Audacity 2·1·1 to batch process some vocal files. The original file was saved as an .aiff. The result has given me a file which was saved as .ogg. But when I wanted to view both files to see how well Audacity had executed my chain, the extent (.aiff and .ogg) was missing off the title of the file, making it harder to switch back and forth when comparing the files.

I looked in Audacity>Preferences… to see if there was a global change I could use, but I couldn’t find one. Even if I switched on “Show track name in waveform display” (Audacity>Preferences…>Interface), the extent was still missing.

Can anyone give me instructions to display the app’s extent?

13" MacBook Pro; OSX 10·10·2; Audacity 2·2·1; .dmg installer

Can anyone give me instructions to display the app’s extent?

No, but I bet I know why it’s not there. The clips are not OGG and AIFF inside Audacity. They get converted into Audacity’s own internal super audio format. Audacity doesn’t have Clip INFO, either.

Change the filenames to reflect what you did.


The word is extension.

You can specify the format to export to in the Export command in the Chain. Unfortunately AIFF is not an option but you can export to WAV which is fully compatible with iTunes.


Thanks Koz,

Of course! And yes, I will change the name to reflect its origin.


Thanks Gale,

Thanks for changing my username. I’ve not been much of a forum user, but I’m starting to realise how much knowledge is garnered from users with more experience of (in this case) Audacity.

And I’m sorry about the extent/extension gaff. Several years ago, I was upset with Apple for going back into the dark ages with file naming (I thought I’d left the old conventions behind when I changed from CP/M to Macintosh OS6). Both CP/M and DOS used a file-name followed by a three-letter extent. Yeah, I probably have read that Apple call it an extension, but it wasn’t that long ago that Apple extensions were apps you added for extra functionality to an operating system.

Do I have to keep up with changing nomenclature? Or should I just rely more and more on people like you who don’t get confused with 1970s conventions?

Thanks though for your help. I’ll try not to make the same mistake again,


There are web browser extensions too. To distinguish from other types of extensions, you could say “file name extensions”.