Display problem

Still on version 2.3.1 partly because I’m still on Mac OS 10.14.6.

I was playing around with noise reduction parameters and did something to cause my display to look like this. The actual waveform is foregrounded and I cannot edit it. (The white band area was selected but, as you can see, did not include the actual wave.) I quit Audacity and came back in but whatever setting adjustment I made is still with me. How can I undo it?
Audacity display problem.png

You have the Envelope Tool selected. Click on the Selection Tool.

– Bill

Thanks. I knew it had to be something simple.

I’m a pretty steady user – and fan – but like most people, I suppose, I follow a pretty limited path through your software. It’s easy to find myself lost.

We know we still have a few little bear-traps along that path (we work to try to fix them).

See: Missing features - Audacity Support

Your bear-trap is top of the list: “Stuck-in-Tool”