Display measure information

Is there a plug-in or built-in capability to display measure information? I imported a click track that allowed me to input the information regarding the length of the measure; however, the measure information is not displayed. Searching the forums/Google did not yield any immediate results. Thanks. :frowning:

There are tools that claim to tell you beats per minute, but most of the time they’re wrong. Can you ask that again and use different words?


For example:

lets say that you have 60 bpm in a 4/4 measure
4 quarter notes per measure. The actual beat tempo of the quarter notes will be 60bpm.

An entire measure of 4/4 is a bar.

I am looking for plug in that counts the bars and according to the tempo.

for instance:
4/4ths would look like this

001-1 (first measure)
002-1 (second measure)


That being said I need the measure information to give me the exact time hack for the beat. Otherwise I am just matching it up visually with the click track.