Disk space remaining for recording

How do you recover or obtain additional recording disk space.

Three methods:

  1. Delete a load of unused files - uninstall unwanted programs, delete or transfer to CD/DVD old pictures, movie downloads, music files, delete old Audacity projects, on a Windows PC this could also include old restore points.

  2. Upgrade your hard drive to a bigger one, or add an external hard drive. It is not recommended to record directly onto an external hard drive, but you can transfer other files to it, such as data in “My Documents”. You can also Export your finished audio to the external drive.

  3. Lower the Quality settings in Audacity - recording at 32bit requires twice as much space as 16 bit audio. 48kHz sample rate requires about 10% more space than 44.1kHz, 96kHz recordings require twice as much space as 48kHz.

Fourth method (the most expensive one): buy a new computer with bigger disk space … :slight_smile:


I would recommend using this free [link Removed] disk space management soft. Hope it’ll help in your problem…

I would recommend EXTREME CAUTION in linking to the site above. McAfee Site Advisor flgs it as potentially risky and says “Use Caution”


In view of the advice from McAfee Site Advisor I have removed the direct link. For anyone interested, the software being advertised in Michael84’s post was “Directory Size” by “moleskinsoft”. Note that it is NOT free software - a single user license is $27.90, going up to $299.90 for a site license.

Here are a couple of Free Disk Space Management Programs:

For Windows:
The “old” spacemonger 1.4.0:

For all platorms:
JDiskReport 1.3.1