disk full

I just finished a project and Im trying to export it but Im getting an error message saying that error while writing wave file, disk full. Can someone tell me how to correct this. When I use another version of audacity it doesnt give this error and it took me a long time to do this project and dont want to start over in the other version.

Check that you are using the current version of Audacity (2.0.2).
The version number is shown in “Help > About Audacity”. If you have a different version, please update at your earliest convenience.

I presume that you have checked that the disk does have sufficient fee space? If it doesn’t then you will need to make more space.

Ensure that you are not using non-standard characters in the file name. Avoid using “slash” characters or punctuation marks. To be safe use letters and numbers only,

Try clearing the metadata:
“File > Open Metadata Editor > Clear”
Then “OK”.

A slash mark inside a filename can send the computer looking for a non-existent disk. Never put dates inside filenames. Today is 20121203.