Disastrous Voice Distortion

I recorded an episode of a thing I’m doing, exported the audio, put it back in, and have been editing it alongside a couple other tracks for a few hours. However, at around the 24 minute mark, the audio does this strange audio distortion, like a skipping record, shown in the clip and stays like that for the entire recording. I’ve tried to put about a million effects on it to see if any of them solve it, but they don’t.

Is there any fix for this? At all? The whole thing is worthless if there isn’t.

Sorry, but I’m going with ‘no’.
Is this the first time that the problem has happened?

I mean, I’ve only recorded a couple other times with Audacity so far, but yeah. If there’s no fix, how do I figure out what’s causing this so next time it doesn’t happen?

Unfortunately there are lots of possibilities.
Were you recording from a USB device?

Yeah, actually. CAD u37 USB mic.

USB devices can sometimes lose sync if their connection is momentarily disrupted, causing the kind of distortion that you have in that file. Some tips to make that less likely:

  • Ensure that the USB cable has some slack and is not stretched between computer and mic
  • Use a reasonable quality USB cable and ensure that the plugs are seated securely.
  • Avoid stressing the computer. USB depends on CPU being available so try to keep CPU usage low while recording.
  • If you get repeated problems with one USB socket, try a different socket.
  • Shut the computer down from time to time and do a cold boot. A cold boot before starting a recording session will clear many running processes and allow the USB to fully reset.