Disapeared plugins (SOLVED)

Hi! I have Ubuntu 11.10, running on an pentium IV 2,4Ghz. I had Audacity ® 1.3.13-beta (Unicode) running with all it standard plugins, lastly I “updated” the recommended security updates the distro sends and from that moment, the long list of plugins is reduced to only 6; fade out, fade in, leveller, noise removal, normalizer, truncate silence… :cry: and that’s all.
I’d un-install Audacity, restart the PC, re-install Audacity and get to the same situation, and the new Ubuntu Software Center, gives no “alternatives” I mean to install this or that “suplements” as it does with other programs, that before installing them it gives you the chance of loading other extensions for…
I know there is a command line to reinstall the plugins, but being “informatically illiterate” :confused: I have no idea of the “how-to” steps, can anybody lend me a hand?
Thanks in advance!

Edit menu > Preferences > Interface
Deselect the “Clean Speech Mode” setting.

Thanks you Steve, the problem is solve! :slight_smile: