Disabling selection by clicking on neutral gray area of the Track Control Panel

Now that version 2.3.2 has the new wonderful “Select” button on the Track Control Panel. I wonder if I can turn OFF the default behaviour of selecting track by clicking in the neutral gray area of the Track Control Panel.

Sometimes when I try to change the value of gain slider or pan slider on the Track Control Panel, I accidentally click the neutral gray area by mistake. I end up selecting the whole track instead and lose the original playback position. That can be quite frustrating sometimes.

If I can somehow turn off the track selection from clicking the neutral grey area and just use the select button instead, that will be wonderful! :smiley:

That can’t be turned off.
If you frequently click in the wrong place, perhaps you need a better mouse mat. If you use an optical mouse, plain coloured mouse mats will often work more reliably than multi-coloured ones. If you use a wireless mouse, ensure that that the batteries have plenty of charge.

But I like that idea - and I’d vote for it being “off” by default.
Those who really need/want this for muscle-memory or just old-times-sake can then turn it “on”.

Anybody else want to vote for this?

If this gets some traction I’ll log an enhacement request …


Topic moved to the “adding features” page.

I agree that it should really be “off” by default, but I’m not sure that the benefit of doing so outweighs the annoyance to users that are used to being able to click on any free space in the panel.


I vote for having it this way: clicking on the grey area selects not the entire track, but the track at the playback position (sometimes by mistake the labels track or a menu is activated, so clicking the grey area would be preferable/faster than: ‘focus-Toggle Focused track’ or hitting Escape [that sometimes doesn’t return focus to the wave track])

Definitely, +1 :smiley: