Disabling of Play Button

I just purchased a brand new computer that’s using windows 10 pro operating system. I have used audacity for years, but on 32 bit machines. I have NEVER had an issue w/ it until now. This is my first 64 bit machine. I have downloaded audacity 2.2.1 several times & installed it, uninstall it, then reinstalled it again. Whenever I try to edit a song & use the ‘fade in or studio fade out’ effects, somehow it disables my ability to play anything. I am not able to play anything within the the audacity program or use any other utility; like itunes; to play my music outside the audacity program. I searched for drivers, & cannot find any. Apparently, audacity 2.2.1 was created to work specifically w/ windows 10. I don’t understand what’s going on. Please help, thanks!

How does this work? When someone addresses my question, will I be contacted by email? If not, how?