Windows 8.1, Audacity 2.0.5

I need a new computer and I was able to find a new,2014 laptop with audio stereo mix and Beats Audio.
I understand that Beats Audio has a negative effect on Audacity’s recordings.
The salesperson enabled on turned on the audio stereo mix and disabled or turned off the Beats Audio. This was done to demonstrate that it could be done.
Under these settings, is it correct to assume that Beats Audio will have no effect on Audacity’s recordings regardless of the sound source?

Beats Audio is usually the built-in sound device, so if you have stereo mix enabled then Beats Audio is probably not disabled, unless the sales person installed some generic sound drivers that may not be meant for your motherboard.

The sales person might alternatively just have turned off the built-in sound effects or might have disabled the Beats Audio control panel in the Windows Control Panel without disabling the Beats Audio device.

Obviously we can’t see your computer so we can’t comment, unless you post Help > Audio Device Info… from Audacity, which might give some clue.


Quite common with soundcards these days - the Realtek in my Tosh laptop has a “helpful” “SRS Premium Sound enhancements” supplied with it - which really need to be turned off for it work properly with Audacity (or to play my iTunes library properly) (it’s basically adding controlled distortion) . :unamused:


They’ve been doing that for years. My million year old SoundBlaster card has genuine EAX Sound Technology reported to make any show sound wonderful in 5.1 surround. Parts of it load at boot and you can’t turn it off.