Disable post approved notification?

How do I disable notifications for my own posts that have been aproved?

Also, it would be best if the Audacity logo at the top left side of the page would link back to http://forum.audacityteam.org/index.php.

Of course, some other link back to http://audacityteam.org/ would be nice to be put up there too.

Often times, one just wants to go back to the first page, and, the board index hyperlink is a bit too small.

Thank you for your feedback.
Your suggestions are not unreasonable, but there are also counter arguments for why these issues are the way that they are, as outlined below.

In order to prevent the forum from being flooded with spam, posts from newly registered users are manually approved by the forum moderators. This means that newly registered users posts do not appear immediately on the forum. The notification is a courtesy response to let the forum user know that their post has been approved or rejected. I rejected your other post about this question and you should have received notification of that.

Directly below the logo is a link to “Board index”. That link goes to the forum board index page.

http://audacityteam.org/ is the Audacity home page. If you hover your mouse over the logo it says that it is a link to the Audacity home page. If you click on the Audacity logo it will open the Audacity home page in a new window/new tab.

Most web browsers provide bookmarks or favourites. Depending on your operating system you may also be able to create a Desktop link to the forum home page.
The choice of font size in a web page is always a compromise. Increasing the font size of links in the forum header will push the page content further down which is an inconvenience for users that have smaller displays.

Notice I did not object to proof-posting by admins, I’m just reffering to the emailing me part.

I do know of the Board index link, but, well, I’m mainly on the forum, not on the main website that the forum serves, therefore, I’d expect that big link to take me back to the forum main page.

I’m sure that can be implemented better.

I am aware of bookmarks, however, with HTML5, you can actaully make a better looking forum in terms of “click-ability”.

@newsongrestaurant: Have you considered citing the points you are replying to, instead of quoting the entirety of the post, which everyone has to scroll past (relevant or not), then putting a reply at the bottom?


I’m glad you don’t object to “proof-posting” - I can confirm you’ll continue to wait for your posts to be approved (if they are approved).