Directory related question


I hope this is not a duplicate of any other in this forum. I could not specifically find the info.

This is related to Audacity not knowing what directory you just opened a file from (Prior to any export or project being created):

For files that are not associated with Audacity, I have an “Open File With” function that allows me to select the program to open a particular file with. Audacity is not running until the file has been selected to be opened with Audacity (if that makes any sense).

In a directory with individual tracks. If I open an individual track (mp3, Ogg, Mogg, etc…), then go import the next audio track using |File|Import|Audio| Audacity seems not to be able to remember or know what directory you just opened the first track from. It defaults to whatever directory you last used and you have to manually select the directory that you wish to work from.

Is there a way to make Audacity remember the directory that you just opened a particular file from, without having to initially start Audacity and then importing or opening the audio file?


No. This is another (quite popular) feature request. I will add your vote.

We could easily give Audacity a Preference to export to the directory that was last used to import a file from (and to open a project from), if the user imported only using the FileOpen dialogues (File > Open… and File > Import > Audio… ).

The problem is that the way the code is now, all the different import methods that eschew those dialogues (like dragging in files, using Open With or using a custom context menu item) can’t track where the file comes from. It’s not an easy fix, as the code would have to be refactored and heavily tested on all three platforms.