Direct Recording with Audacity?


I have a SONY VAIO laptop that is running Windows 7 (64) OS with a Realtek High Definition Audio sound card. I want to direct record music from the Internet. I used the following configuration: Windows DirectSound / primary sound driver to primary sound capture driver. The setup records but, I’m also getting input from the system microphone. I disabled the system microphone but, that eliminated the primary sound capture driver option. Muting the system microphone will not totally eliminate sound input.

Am I in error to assumed that Audacity can facilitate direct recording? If not then I would appreciate some help with setting up for direct recording.


Self Recording is not a guaranteed service. Some computers have it and some don’t. Go into Windows setups / control panels and look for a sound device called Stereo-Mix or What-U-Hear, rather than a “real” device like Mic-In or Line-In.


Also note that in some Vaio laptops, the “stereo mix” choice is not actually for recording computer playback, but changes the single input from mono microphone to stereo line-in. In that case any input your sound device has for recording computer playback will be called something other than “stereo mix”.

However if stereo mix switches your input jack to stereo line-in, you can record computer playback by connecting a stereo cable from the audio out to the audio input then recording that input. See the link Koz gave.