direct live recording. How to correct the low volume?

When I make a live recording, volume is quite often very low.
Just to pop the volume up, I always apply this effects list:

1 compression (and normalization) tool
1 click/pop removal tool
1 compression (and normalization) tool
1 leveller
1 compression (and normalization) tool

do you have any suggestion to obtain better results?


Capturing a vinyl record is not making a “live recording,” but I’m splitting hairs. Is that what you’re really doing?


No I have a Creative Zen recorder with a line in input, where I connect the output of a digital mixer.

Closer. What comes before the digital mixer?

I’m trying to get you to tell me about the woman playing the guitar or singing, or both in front of a microphone. Most people consider “Live Recording” to be capturing a show from the internet. Real Live Recording techniques are Very Different from re-capturing already captured work. “Live Recording” is when you can hand the performer a coffee and they can drink it.

One absolute rule is never overload the digital channel. Ever. There are tools like Clip-Fix that can help patch together a damaged or overloaded show, but far better to not damage the show to begin with.

Given that, you can get a perfect, clear recording, but it’s always low. Commercial recordings have all been through thousands of dollars of post production and everybody holds them up as the Standard For Volume.


Load a five or ten minute sample of the work and…

Effect > High Pass Filter > 24dB, 10Hz.

That’s to get rid of DC levels which can mess things up in production.

Then Effect > Compress Dynamics (Chris’s Compressor).

I tune the first number, compression, up from the default 0.5 to a higher 0.77 to simulate a radio station. This compressor was designed with music in mind and it’s easy to ignore it while it’s working, unlike the other compression tools which need to be changed for each song.