dire need of help

I am recording a some black and death metal demos and all im using to record is my laptop mic becuase im dirt poor. The rythm track came out well and i got some solid drums and bass but when i try to record the guitar it sounds fine for about 15 seconds then the signal cuts and the guitar recording starts sounding tiny and weak… I am in desperate need of help with making it to where it wont decide to cut down the guitar track for no reason about 15 seconds in to the recording

Windows (I’m assuming Windows) has settings for audio conferencing like Skype and other VOIP. You should turn them off for straight music recording.

I think we have a formal tutorial but I can’t find it. Here’s how one poster solved it.



I think this is it: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/FAQ:Recording#enhancements

How would I get to that terrific help page from Forum Home?

Thanks to the guys that posted! It helped alot

I take your point Koz …

You would have to

  1. click on the dark blue link at the the topop of the forum page in the blue banner called “Documentation”
  2. This the takes you off to the main Audacity site
  3. From there you would need to know to click on the “1.3 Manual” link
  4. One you land there you need to spot the navigation bar menu at the left of the page and realize that FAQ means “Frequently Asked Questions” and click on it
    4.1) Or scroll down the manual’s front page to the “Using Audacity” “Quick Where & How” and spot the “Frequently Asked Questions” and click on it
  5. Scroll down the FAQ index page to find the FAQ relevant to your problem.

Of course to do that you probably have to reason that this may be a frequent isssue and that FAQ may address it - and add in a bit of RTFM persistence …


The quick way to get to the FAQ is to follow the leftmost link in my signature block at the foot of all my postings. :slight_smile: