Digitizing multiple cassettes from a language course

Using Audacity 2.2.1 on Windows 10

I have a set of 7 cassettes, each of which has about 1.5 hours of content. I want to end up with 7 MP3 files, one for each tape with labels indicating the start of each course chapter.

Should I: 1) make 1 long audio and label track for all of the 7 cassettes within my project; 2) make 7 audio and label tracks, 1 pair of tracks for each cassette; or 3) flush the tracks and start over for each cassette within the same project?

Which approach is preferable? Has anyone done this kind of digitizing?



Are you getting a good recording? Does your computer have a line-input (for connection to a line-output or headphone-output) or only a mic input?

You might as well make 7 separate recordings. (Or, maybe 14 since there are 2 sides on a Cassette.)

[u]Splitting a recording for export as separate tracks[/u]. (I do it differently… I just select/highlight one song/chapter then Export Selected Audio one at a time.

Is each tape a chapter, or are there multiple chapters/sections/lessons on each tape? In general, each chapter/section should be a separate file because you can’t have multiple chapters in one MP3 file. You can “tag” each file with a chapter number and/or you can prefix the chapter title with the chapter number. Either way, your audio-player software will be able to sort the chapters and play them in the correct order.

I have been making a single, long track with a label track to indicate the start of each chapter. One cassette can have several chapters of content. Then I have been using “Export Multiple…” to make individual MP3 files based on the labels. This works fine but I like the idea of “Export Selected Audio…”. I’m gonna try that now!