Digital multitrack recommendations

I have previously used multitrack recorders for running Halloween props - a Tascam 424 (analog cassette, 4 inputs, 4 outputs) and a Korg D888 (digital with mechanical hard drive, 8 inputs, 8 outputs). These units are both ancient compared to current technology.

I am looking for suggestions for a more compact and portable option. My requirements:

  1. Minimum 6 direct outputs (or one stereo output and 4 or more separate direct outputs).
  2. Does not need a computer for playback.
  3. Any number of inputs - I will be laying tracks down digitally - from a computer - using Audacity - so the recording part is not as important as playback. No need for an array of XLR inputs.
  4. Able to lay down or transfer tracks from a computer (using Audacity to create tracks).
  5. Ease of use! While the D888 does the job, it’s ancient operating system is somewhat archaic.
  6. Compact - smaller than my Tascam 424 or Korg D888. I don’t need a lot of whizbang features - just the ability to playback 4 or more direct outputs plus a stereo track (or 6 total direct outputs).
  7. Under $500.

Example of what I do with multitrack:
6 or more outputs is so I can drive stereo music on 2 channels (L+R) and have 4 remaining channels to drive each mask directly with a signal I create.

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