Digital Interface Recommendations

I need to buy a new interface to digitize vinyl records. I have a Technics SL-1200 MK2 and a MacBook Pro. I’ve looked at the ART Phono Plus and the Rega Fono Mini AD2. I’m looking for something with a ground and recording level adjustment. Does anybody have experience with either of these? Or does anybody have other units they’ve used and are happy with the product?


Is your MBP old enough to have an Analog Connection?

Take your mixer or HiFi amp Tape Out and plug it into the connection. Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound > Input > Line In.


No, my MacBook doesn’t have that input.

I have the ART DJ-Pre11 which is a great pre-amp, nice piece of kit - I ran it through an Edirol USB soundcard when I digitized my LPs.

The ART Phono Plus is basically the DJ-Pre11 with an added ADC/DAC and USB connection - it wasn’t available when I was buying - I would’ve bought it if it had been.

I’m sure the Rega would be a good piece of kit too - I have a Rega Planet CD deck and excellent well-built piece of kit.

Looking at images on-line they both seem to have a gain control - you are likely to need a gain control :nerd: