difficulty with labels

I am running Windows 7, and previously used Audacity 1.3 Beta from the .exe file. I just installed 2.0.2 from the .exe this evening.

I have been digitizing cassette tapes for a couple months, and have discovered a small problem with the files I have made. My first step has been to record the cassette as one file in Audacity. Secondly, I label the sections that correspond with the songs on the album, and then I use the export multiple labels functionality to create mp3 files that I can either burn onto a CD or listen to with my mp3 player.

My problem is that when I listen to the files I have created, I hear the first five seconds of the next song included at the end of a file, creating needless (and sometimes annoying) repetition between songs. For example, on an album with 6 songs, at the end of each of the first five songs, I will hear the first five seconds of the file for songs 2-6, respectively. This happens both when I burn a CD and when I use my mp3 player, so it is not a problem specific to my CD burning program.

I have searched the documentation, but cannot seem to find any hints about how to adjust the program to ensure that each label is accurate, and that there is no spillover from a following song.

Any advice about how to deal with this would be appreciated, otherwise, I’m going to have to import each song I’ve digitized and trim the last five seconds from it (which will not only be tedious, but take quite a while).

Thanks in advance for your tips and insight.

Ther used to be a bug like this that was introduced into one of the Betas (reasonably kate on in the Beta cycle) but that was fixed for the very latest Betas and is not present in the latest 2.0.2.

Are you sure that you were/are using 2.0.2 - you can check the version from Help > About Audacity - and be aware that if you have an instantiation of a 1.3.x Beta running on your PC and then launch “2.0.2” your PC will actually spin up another instantiation of 1.3.x


The problem I’ve been having is the result of using 1.3 Beta. I just recently downloaded and installed 2.0.2 and have not attempted to use it yet. Worse case scenario is that I will have to re-edit each long single file that I originally made. It would just be a shame to put all that effort in and then find myself with the same problem…

Thanks for your reply.

I promise that problem won’t recur 0n 2.0.2 which I have used extensively for LP transferrs nor on the upcoming 2.0.3 (for which I am testing the RC-1, release candidadte right now om just such a workflow) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: