Difficulty Creating a Macro

Equalization:Use_Preset=“User Preset:Low roll off for speech”

That’s the missing bit. The actual format and commands. There’s no problem remembering the steps and tools. I wrote the original process.

There is an oddball workaround for Equalization. Open Low Rolloff in Draw mode and make one infinitesimally small change or add a tiny, insignificant point anywhere. Low Rolloff will then get stuck until the sun cools off. The equalization rule is retain the last curve changed not last curve used. That’s the error.

Terrific effort. I’m going to try this on The Big Computers when the sun comes up.

Thanks again,

Audacity 2.3.1 has been released. That Equalization dance may no longer be needed.


I actually had downloaded the new version FIRST before I went on to try my fix last night. So it was still as issue.

Thanks for the info re: altering the curve a tiny bit!

I forgot to ask! Did it work?

I forgot to ask! Did it work?

It did. I did get an odd message…

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 16.27.20.png
“I can’t use Low Rolloff, so instead I used Low Rolloff.

When programming goes wrong.

I haven’t been exhaustive yet, but as near as I can tell from first pass analysis, it did exactly what it’s supposed to do.

That will save a lot of detail clicking about. Effect > Limiter: Soft Limit, 0, 0, -3.5dB yadda, yadda, yadda.

You follow in the footsteps of Flynwill who developed ACX-Check by collecting a number of other tools in one place. Somewhere here I have the page of instructions of how to test for ACX Acceptance without it. It’s not fun. It’s not.

I think I loaded your version from the email which did not have your revision and log line in it. I will correct that.

Much thanks. It’s just not normal for someone to drop in cold and solve a common production problem.

So now back up to your original questions. As we go.


Without looking… Your announcing spacing, in general, should be about a power fist if you’re using a pop and blast filter.

Or a Hawaiian Shaka and no filter.

That’s different from a Wind Screen such as the Dead Cat that Matt is holding.

Past that I need to go back and read the posting again.


This is what happens when I try to manage several close messages at the same time. Your whole post was about managing Effect > Equalization. The microphone thing was someone else.

Are you reading for audiobooks? Is it more or less going well?


I just created my first demo - which would never have happened without the 3-step process that allowed me to pass the ACX test. I spent HOURS on trying to get it to pass and nothing worked, but the first time I did the 3 steps - PERFECT pass. So thank you all very much for that! I did my first audition last week and booked the gig. I also got representation with a great agency, so I’m feeling pretty good about my future career. I’m quite certain I will keep popping in here with all sorts of questions because I know nothing about recording or computer programming or anything technical . . . and this leads me to make a small confession.

I have never in my life created a macro. I have never even attempted to create a macro, but I overheard somebody talking about them the other day while waiting for a table in a restaurant, and I figured why not give it a shot? So I came home and tried to put the 3-step process into the macro, which is what led me to contact you because of that first step issue. I’m kind of stubborn and I like logic puzzles, so I had a good time sussing my way through it. I’m very pleased to hear it worked out okay on your end and hope other people will enjoy using it, too!

(I kinda feel like Wonder Woman right now, I have to admit.) :wink:

I just realized I didn’t really answer your question.

Yes, I will be doing audiobooks!

because of that first step issue.

And the first step issue was because of something actually broken in Audacity. Nothing to do with your work.

I discovered the workaround almost by accident. I did get different curves to stick time after time seemingly at random, but on one machine, I knew exactly what I did to the curve before it stuck forever.

“I wonder if I can get that to work on any curve…”


So thanks again for the work. It’s just so much easier to make changes from working code rather than start from zero—blank sheet of paper.

And yes, certainly post back if you get stuck anywhere.


When you get done reading a chapter or whatever bunch of words suits you, Export WAV 44100, 16-bit sound file. Copy it somewhere safe. That’s your backup for when you get in the middle of a complex edit and the computer or Audacity goes face-first in the dirt and takes your sound with it. Clean up, put everything back together and open the backup WAV sound file. No need to read it again.

Don’t use MP3 for anything until you post to ACX.

At the other end, export a Mastered WAV file and only then make the MP3 for ACX. You can’t edit or change an MP3 without causing sound damage, but you can make a WAV into anything else.

Good computer hygiene tells us to keep valuable work in two separate places. In the computer and one other place, for example. Cloud counts, thumb drives are OK, separate hard drives work. Two different places on the computer does not count, unless you have two separate hard drives in there.

I know people that email each other pages of movie scripts. Gmail is their backup storage.

Don’t read for two weeks straight without breaking up into chapters. ACX has requirements for background sound ‘Room Tone’ and you need to put that sound at the beginning and end of each chapter.


Did you post a brief sound test yet? That might be good.



Hi Wonder Woman (Deborah)

well done :sunglasses:

That’s great feedback - it means that Audacity Macros are usable and understandable for non-geeks.


OK so I updated the 2.3.2 alpha manual today

I also added a custom TOC to that page as it is long and complex:


I also added a custom TOC for


Hi, Peter!

Wonder Woman here.


Um. . . what’s a TOC?

Hi, Koz!

Thank you for the tips!

I did post a sound check on here in another forum topic but nobody ever responded to it.

Also, is anybody including the walk-through for the ACX passing recipe anywhere? Because people would like to have that info. I know I would (which is why I attempted to make the macro in the first place).

Also, is anybody including the walk-through for the ACX passing recipe anywhere?

There’s the manual for Audiobook Mastering.

See: Process. That’s a step-by-step. Those instructions are more involved than you would think because two of the tools have to be downloaded and installed. They don’t come with standard Audacity.

Please note that the tools are a suite—a harmonious grouping. It’s not good to use them out of order or leave any out. That’s why they lend themselves to a Macro.

I responded to the other post.


Thanks, Koz!

TOC = Table Of Contents

The Manual is written in HTML which can atutogenerate TOC’s if required - but habd-built custom TOCs are prettier and more customizable.