different weird sounds while using Audacity

Hi everyone
OS - Windows 10. I’m using Audacity 2.4.2 and I hear distortion (pops and clicks) when I playback any of my files. I tried to check files in several programs (work time,iTtunes) - everything works fine. I’m stumped because I uninstalled the program and reinstalled but still getting the pops.
Can anyone help?

I uninstalled the program and reinstalled

Reinstalling Audacity doesn’t always reset Audacity. Audacity keeps Preferences and Settings in a separate place to make upgrading easier. There should have been a somewhere that says Reset Audacity or Reset Preferences, or something like that while you’re installing. That will make Audacity do a clean start.

Are you by any chance using cloud storage for Audacity? Audacity is not a fan of cloud systems and they may create problems.


i am using rclone. I thought about it and probably will have to abandon any cloud storage…