Different VO or VO recorded at differeny instance sound same

Please help!!! :frowning:
How to make two different voice-over or VO recorded at different instances or VO of two persons sound the same???
I mean finally when the I integrate the two sounds into a single file, how do you see to it that there is no variation in the tone???

It would be appreciated if somebody could give me a step-step method as how to do this in Audacity.
Suggest an audio editing tool along with the plugin that makes this possible.

Thanks in advance,

Do you mean two different recordings of the same person sound as if they were recorded in one take?

There is no single plugin that can do that as there are many different possible differences between two recording environments. In any case, it’s not possible to make it completely seamless. You’ll have to account for mic distance (not completely possible, but might be passable with EQ), room tone (add two loops of both room tones together to get a good approximation), and volume (careful use of the gain slider will probably fix this).

If you’re asking how to make 2 different people sound the same, forget it, it’s not possible unless their voices and speech mannerisms are incredibly similar.

Thanks for replying.
That was a good piece of information.