Different sound levels on an interview


I use Audacity to record interviews which I then release as a podcast. However, in the last interview I recorded, I stupidly sat too far away from the microphone that my guest and I were using, and his voice has come out much louder than mine. During the course of the interview, it is very rare that my guest and I talk at the same time. But whenever it changes from one speaker to another, the listener might have to adjust the volume slightly.

Is there any trick or technique in Audacity that can go some way to improving this?


Dynamic range compression could even out the differences in volume.
Audacity comes with a compressor (in the “Effect” menu), but this free plug-in for Audacity works better.

The more precise, but much more arduous method is to use the Envelope tool: http://manual.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Envelope_Tool