different samples - when changing speed [SOLVED]

Hi, (using Windows 7 Pro 64bit and Audacity 2 19.8MB).
I have been using a version of Audacity the past couple of years, and when making speed changes to a file the samples would stay the same, eg. if changed the speed of the same file twice and compared each of the 2 output files in EAC WAV compare the samples would all match.
However I have downloaded the new Audacity 2.0 and have noticed that if I apply the same speed change to the same original file twice and compare the output files in EAC WAV Compare the samples are different…
Why are the samples different every time when on the older Audacity they would remain the same?

Audacity may be wrongly applying dither due to a bug. Please see “Dither” here

(scroll down a little on that page). Let us know if that is the issue you see,

As I assume you know, a length change will alter where the sample values occur, so amplitude values of samples will change as a result of the effect even though you are not applying an amplitude changing effect.


Hello Gale,
Thank you very much for the help, the following fixed the problem…
“Set “High Quality” dither to “None” in the Quality Preferences”.