Different Equalisation Curves in Audacity

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This is my first post here so please don’t bite my head off :slight_smile:

Anyway, I was wondering if new equalisation curves could be made for Audacity. My sister’s iPod has EQ presets such as Classical, Dance, Deep, Electronic, Pop, Rock etc. As well as having the technical EQs for old 78rpm transfers, can we have these ‘enhancer’ EQ curves.

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I’ll try not to - heads are a bit too crunchy anyway.

Yes, and quite easily. In Audacity 1.3.8 if you open the Equalizer effect you will see that there is a “Save As” button. This allows you to save your custom equalizer settings. Each saved preset must have a unique name. Audacity will tell you if you try to overwrite a setting that has the same name.

If you want to copy the presets from a different device such as your iPod, you will have to do it manually by looking at the iPod equalizer settings and setting the Audacity equalizer settings so that they look the same. Note that the +/- dB scale is probably different, so you need to take that into account. You are aiming to have the same number of dB cut or boost for each frequency band.

There is currently no built in way to import or export Equalizer settings, but I’m not sure from your question if that is something that you would want.