didn't work with the microphone wireless hands free B19

didn’t work with the microphone wireless hands free B19
the speakers of B19 has played the sound, while the microphone didn’t pickedup the recording.
my settings are MME/HEADSET B19 /MONO/HEADSET B19

i didn’t get the “Error opening sound device …” message.
while i set the windows direct sound and WASAPI, I got it.


  1. the recording from the internal microphone is works.
    2.the same problem was in version 2.3
    Audacity_dbgrpt-7056-20210314T155536.zip (9.98 KB)
    2021-03-14 15_11_36-Audacity (Recovered).png
    deviceinfo.txt (10.9 KB)

Bluetooth devices can be problematic for Audacity due to connectivity issues beyond our control. Also, given that bluetooth uses compressed audio data, the sound quality is reduced during transmission.

If your headset has an “always on” option, then you may have more success with it.