Did v2.3.3 strip the GraphicEQ of its features?

I updated to v2.3.3 and notice that the resident “Graphic EQ” is without any headings: one must guess the frequency of each slider. I re-installed v2.3.3 but the EQ is still naked, and without the nice GUI options included in the previous version. Is this a bug or a problem exclusive to my system?

Graphic EQ.jpg

If you hover your mouse pointer over a slider, then the frequency and “dB” will appear as a “tool tip”.

By popular request (and my nagging about it until everyone was bored :wink:), the next Audacity release displays the frequencies.

I think Audacity took a step backwards, watering down the EQ, which included multiple options for applying EQ. And to force the user to mouse hover over a slider, in order to identify its frequency, just slows down workflow IMHO.

I downloaded Audacity from the official site and re-installed it this morning, thinking the program did not load properly previously because of the faceless EQ, but the EQ GUI is still faceless. From where did you get your copy of Audacity?

As a user of a lot of different types of software for creatives, I think it’s a HUGE mistake to hide features and menus within a mouse-hover. There’s nothing intuitive about it.

The old equalizer had to be replaced. It did good service for many years, but as more and more features were added, it gained many bugs and the code became unmaintainable. The Equalization effect was replaced by two separate effect: “Graphic Eq” and “Filter Curve Eq”. This is effectively “version 1.0” for these new effects.

Work has continued on these effects, and the next Audacity release will have the new features, (which includes frequency numbers above the sliders).
Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back to move forward. This was one of those occasions.

Thank you for the explanation. I thought the problem was at my end. I will look forward to the next release and use a plugin in the meantime.