Dictated voice file needs bgrd noise reduction


I’m a medical transcriptionist and I have a doctor who sounds like he’s dictating on a VOIP program with that underwater, robotic, staticky sound ? It’s thru the whole recording and is especially horrible when the doctor pauses and not speaking, so all you hear is that sound. It’s like overseas calls used to sound years ago on landlines, with a strange staticky, echoey background when you stop speaking. It’s pretty bad, I’m wondering if Audacity would help cut out that background noise any? II’m wondering if I play those files with Audacity set on my Windows 10 laptop, if it would help. I haven’t downloaded Audacity yet, I hate to go thru that trouble if it wouldnt help at all. These files are usually played on a specific program - Express Scribe. Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated, thank you.

Let’s go with no.

We can’t take compression and auto-noise reduction out of a performance. We might be able to suck out the noise between words, but that can give you staccato, clipped, noisy words surrounded by beautiful silence. I’m not sure who wins there.

See: Noise Gate.


Noise Reduction won’t do a bit of good.

That kind of distortion can happen when someone is using their smartphone to record in a noisy environment. There is good news. Without all that processing, you wouldn’t have any recording.


Nothing can really improve crappy VOIP sound quality recordings then, that’s what I needed to know. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.

crappy VOIP sound quality

You should be careful with that. Voice Over Internet Protocol has very little to do with that sound. It’s the phones, conditions and environments that mess things up. In some limited circumstances, a reduced line quality can cause that kind of problem, but awkwardly used cellphones do that all the time.

The company had VOIP office phones and past slight sound delays, it worked just like conventional telephones.

That’s why I said my impression is someone using their cellphone recorder badly in a noisy environment. VOIP need not apply.