Dialogue Editing using region labels

I am producing a dramatic reading with the different roles recorded remotely by different people. The readers are sending their line recordings to me. I am the narrator so I’ll use my narration as a frame in which to drop their lines but does anyone know of a system for editing dramatic works that has proven effective? I am thinking there must be a way to use multiple tracks and :mrgreen: region labels :mrgreen: to make the editing more visual. Any thoughts, url’s or blog post referrals most welcome.

Every time you Import a sound file, it will appear in Audacity on its own track, one above the other. On any track, you can use the time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows) to shove the blue waves sooner or later. Audacity defaults to playing everything, so the first track (of multiple) that has audio on it plays, then the next most right-hand track, then the next, etc.

You could shoot the play as a Double Ender. Each person records his/her own voice in very high quality at their house. Everybody meets on a multi-party Skype or Conference Call (on headphones) and performs the play to each other. Then each party ships their own part to you for inclusion/cutting. All you should have to do it set the beginning sync point and the rest of the half-hour show should line up automatically.

I’m trying to think of a good way to hit sync. You count to ten to Audacity and Skype. Everybody in the call counts with you as much as possible in time. Then pause and Act-1 Scene-1. Everybody should announce a slate that says that, by the way. Nothing like losing one file of an eight file show.

“Was this Thursday’s show…?”


Thank you, Koz. Awesome suggestions! A double-ender, yes. That would work, sync slates and all. The difficulty is getting everyone to together on the phone with their recording equipment set up at the same time. I’ve spent two days learning how to use labels to see if I can use them to help, but wonderful as they are, I haven’t found one. Thanks again for the suggestions.