DI and wet signal into Audacity possible?

Hi all,

I want to record some guitar demos over a backing/click track in Audacity thru a Line 6 UX2, that I might want to SOLO and export later as WAV for an actual recording.
The sound engineer said it was possible, but it would be better if I could also give him the dry/DI signal.

The UX2 has 4 send channels, 1/2 and 3/4. In stereo, I can assign the wet sig to 1/2 and the DI/dry to 3/4 in Pod Farm.
It’s connected via USB straight into the PC, and Audacity uses the UX2 as the sound card / input.

Question is, can Audacity record 2 simultaneous and separate tracks from both stereo channels?
So far I’ve not seen or found any options for this.

I could get this to work on Mono by using an A/B with the dry on the A, and wet on the B, then split the stereo tracks into 2 monos.
But I would prefer to get it in stereo if possible, especially the wet signal.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

There’s a manual page … Missing features - Audacity Support
[ but I’ve never done multichannel recording on Audacity myself ]