Device in Use

Hello Folks;
Newby here and I need some help. I am trying to rip tape and vinyl.
I am coming from my preamp line out to a Schiit AD converter to my laptop
computer (Windows 10). I have been through all the steps - I think.
But when I try to set the sampling rate for 24/96000 on the input I get this.
" Device in use. The device is being used by another application etc…"
I’ve set the sampling rate everywhere else.
And it works if I stick to 24/48000.
What am I missing?
Appreciate any help

Try a different [u]Audio Host[/u].

But, if you can’t get 96kHz to work, I wouldn’t worry about it… Especially with “old analog recordings”. :wink: Although 24/96 is the “pro studio standard” the guys who do [u]scientific blind ABX test[/u] have pretty-much demonstrated that nobody can hear the difference between a high-resolution original and a copy downsampled “CD quality” (16-bit/44.1kHz).

Don’t give up on Audacity yet but if you can’t get it working the way you want you can try [u]GoldWave[/u] ($45 USD after free trial) or [u]Audition[/u] (monthly subscription).

Or you can try full [u]Digital Audio Workstation[/u]. [u]Cakewalk[/u] is now FREE and there’s a free version of Pro Tools, but any of the DAWs are a lot more complex than a “simple” audio editor like Audacity or GoldWave.