Device Driver Software was not successfully installed

i tried installing the software that came on the disk with my cassette capture machine. but i got the message ‘device driver software was not successfully installed’. so i went to the website and installed the newer 2.0.2 version. i still get the message. can anyone help? it seems to record the music fine, but when i try to play it (Windows 7), it looks like the song is playing but i get no sound. the instruction manual says to set the recording device, but since i have no icon in my tray because it wasnt installed successfully, i can’t change it. i’m not too technical :frowning:

It’s not talking about Audacity. It’s talking about the software that makes the computer recognize the cassette player.

Try unplugging the cassette machine to hear the music playback. Windows sometimes thinks your music device is bidirectional and tries to send the music back out to the machine instead of your speakers or headphones.

You can also force a redirection in Start > Control Panels > Sound > Output.

I’m making some of that up. Your computer may be different, but that’s the idea.

Sometimes you need that to hear what the cassette machine is doing during the capture.


Thank you for the reply…i’m a technical moron so don’t know how to fix it. looks like your software would be very helpful if i could get the computer to recognize the machine. decided to send it back but thanks for the effort. :slight_smile: