Detecting track editing

Is there a way to detect or get informed of any change on a track ? I would like to see somewhere on an edited track its “modified” or “unsaved” status, until saved or exported, when its status would come back to “saved”. Pretty much like any text editor does, showing a different icon when file is edited and not saved yet than when it’s been saved.


NB: History is not saved with the project, it is wiped when the project is saved.

it is wiped when the project is saved.

…and closed.

Projects don’t save UNDO, but UNDO remains available until you close Audacity. If you need UNDO after that, it’s the end of the world.


Thank you for your answers. I did know about the undo feature, but what I’m looking for is some sort of indicator on any given track that it has been modified, so that I don’t forget to save it before closing audacity. When I have a song with 10 or 15 fifteen tracks and am editing along 3 or 4 of them, it would be of great help to be reminded which one is not saved yet at the time of closing.