Detect device

Windows 7 and E-MU 0202 from Creative. Audacity detects the unit for output but not input. Tried reload under transport. The interface is shown for speakers but nothing for inputs.

What does Windows think? Win7 has the ability to select an input device in control panels and show you the sound levels. Can you do that? Audacity can’t work with anything that Windows doesn’t know about.


Windows in fact may be the source on this. After failing with Audacity, loading Cubase allowed sound in and out. That was only a test, and then Hulu was played, of course no input needed. Now the Win Sound properties show no input detected. It looks like a big search for answers on pc news forums.

Try rebooting your computer with the device connected.
When the boot-up is complete, check in the Windows Sound Control Panel to see if Windows detects the device as both a recording and playback device, and Windows is not hiding or disabling the device.

Make sure you have the correct drivers for the E-MU.

It seems the “best” choice is the “Beta” driver from: .


Hard to believe but the MS community had the answer. Somehow the AUX jack on the E-MU unit became listed separately in the Sound control box, and disabled. Was it possible that Win 7 had been listing Playback and Recording on the same page, as did XP? Then switched to the separate pages as now? This recognition of “Internal AUX jack” is not in my human memory. Was an update to 7 the reason for a new Sound dialog?

This is great luck to find the MS answer works, since system restore was not the solution. Recent install of a Cubase trial, and Audacity, and re install of E-MU unit, raised questions.

Fine forum glad to see responses.

Windows Vista and later list inputs belonging to a device as a separate devices, though often a USB device will still only be listed as one input device.

Vista and later often disable inputs except the built-in microphone, which is why Steve suggested you check that.