Details on Label Editor - W10/Audacity 2.2.2

It would be possible to have a “page” on Label Editor where I/we can write down details about the trace, something like: Fading out from 2’35", PAN (with a print screen of the details), ECHO (with a print screen of the details), and so on?

If I/we have to rework on the same trace several times, it’s very boring to repeat and repeat the same configurations (admitted to remember them all… :slight_smile: )

Many thanks in advance.


any news?


I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t really understand what you mean. Are you referring to this:
Do you mean that you want something in addition to the “label text”?

sorry for delay…

Yes, I’d like the possibility to manually add some (new) fields to describe the trace


You can have multiple labels at the same time.



You can also have multiple label tracks.

When I was transcribing my LPs & tapes to digibits I would often have a top label track to identify where each song started (the top label track is the one that Export Multiple uses) - and a second label track for notes as I worked on the edits/repairs.
multiple label tracks.png

It’s a good help, but I wish I could paste some images, like:

It will be possible?


Existing labels gets out of sync if I edit / clean the audio track. Should be fixed.

I would also add “on-track labels”. E.g., the labels are tied to the audio track.

Nothing to be fixed

You can either keep you label track and your audio tracks in sync while editing if you turn on Sync-Locked tracks:

Or you just click and drag your selections for editing so that the selection also includes that label track.

When I was transcribing my LP and tape collection I tended to prefer the former method.