Details of noise removal?

TL;DR version. Is it possible to display/retrieve the filters/filter values used for the noise removal? Maybe on the noise removal dialog box, have a button you can click which will display a new window with the current noise removal filters?

So, this is a strange request. My current PC has a nasty hiss/buzz on the microphone input. I can’t quite determine what’s causing it, but I’ve tried numerous microphones, and it does seem to be specific to this PC/soundcard (which is onboard).
If I record myself talking, and use Audacity’s noise removal feature, it sounds perfect (or close enough that I can’t hear any buss or hiss). However, this only works for recorded files. What I want to do is use this exact same filter on my actual microphone input (via LADSPA or something similar). Audacity has obviously calculated the correct parameters and filters to use to get a nice sound, so I was wondering if it were possible to get those parameters out of audacity somehow?

Yes, in clean speech mode (Preferences > Interface > CleanSpeech Mode), the noise profile (step 1) gets stored as an nrp file in C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacityNRPnoisegate.nrp.
Cannot tell you what nrp means, however.

Noise Reduction Profile.