Detach at Silences


I use OS X 10.6.8/ Audacity 2.21- dmg installer

I have tried selecting several areas within my recording to see how detach at silences work. It does not function as stated in manual. Is there something in my settings that I need to adjust? This feature would really make my life much easier instead of the other silencing options that do not suit my needs. I’ve seen only one post regarding this feature, so does that mean everyone else’s works properly? or no one uses it?

Thanks for your help.

I suspect that it’s not very widely used, but it does work. I suspect that the problem is that your “silences” are not “absolute silence”. It does not detach at “extremely quiet”, only at “silences”.

To test the effect, try generating 30 seconds of “DTMF Tones” (from the Generate menu) and then apply “Detach at Silences”.