destorted recording levels

hi guys
ive 2xtechnics 1210 a vestax pmc 05 mixer serato scratch live and a aple mac book and of course a kam usbh 100 using audacity software,i recorded a 1 hour mix using vinyl and mp3 sounded great when mixing the tunes but to my horror when i recorded it to i tunes and played back it had a digital high pitch destorted noise all over it!!! what am i doing wrong
thanks nick

How does it sound when you play the Audacity project?
If that’s ok, then try exporting the audio as “Microsoft PCM 16 bit 44.1kHz WAV”. Check in any media player to see how that sounds. If it’s ok, then import the WAV file into iTunes.


I need some help, I am burning the CD into window’s media as an pm3. I have audacity set at 32000HZ but it imports at 44.1HZ and sounds to fast, all my front & back bummper music productions are in the 32000HZ and sound ok when I quickmix, but when I burn the CD and play it, it too fast, really fast. Help :slight_smile: Also at the bottom left hand corner, it says 44.1 I go and change it but it goes back to 44.1 when I import audio.


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Sorry AR, but you are hijacking someone else’s question.
Please post your question on the appropriate board (Windows? Mac? Audacity 1.2? Audacity 1.3?)

Also please take care to describe the problem accurately. (I very much doubt that the figures you quote are the actual figures).

hi again
thx for the reply i started again and recorded another mix ,about 40 mins into it to phone rang so i paused the software and turntable when i restarted the dreaded digital noise appeared also when playing back a project how do i foward through a mix and is there a feature to scan the project and set it all at one level sorry to be a pain

You’ve not made it very clear where or when you are experiencing this noise. You mentioned “iTunes” in your first post, but has this got anything to do with it or are you getting the noise while you are recording in Audacity?

There may be something in this thread that is relevant to your problem (unreliable USB):

You can use the scroll bar to move along the time display, then with the normal “Selection Tool”, click on the track at the point where you want to play. You can also use the “zoom” tools (the magnifying glass icons) to zoom in or out on the time line.

You can adjust the level at any point in the track using the “Envelope Tool”.

There is no tool that can automagically tell the difference between; part of a track being quiet because it is a quiet section of the music, and, part of a track being quiet because you have recorded it at a different level.

Rather than recording hour long tracks, you would be better to record each “song” on a new track, then you can adjust the level of each track so that they match each other, then mix the whole lot down.

well i got to say im not impressed with addacity i want to do the simplest of tasks and it cant do that properly!may bee the software should be better tested before people spend their hard earned money on this all a want to o is record one hour of mixed songs without a noise appearig around 30 mins into set this is the 4th time ive tried it and am not happy waht other software can i use to run my kamm usbh 100 interface

I would recommend either Sony SoundForge 9 or Adobe Audition.. They are both excellent programs, but there are no guarantees that these will work straight away with your set-up either.