Despite perfectly adjusting latency for Blue Yeti I get detay and massive change in pitch

Things were going great with me - overdubbing my mandolin on mp3 karaoke tracks of Bollywood songs. But for the past 2 months, the overdubbed mandolin track has been going haywire, not only in timing but also the pitch. I have meticulously adjusted the latency on my Windows 10 Lenovo to -175ms for my Blue Yeti USB condenser mike. My guess is - my recently downloaded mp3 karaoke tracks are the culprit. Because if I use Yeti to record the karaoke on track 1 and then overdub mandolin on track 2, things work fine. But then the bass of the rhythm section is never topclass. Any further insights so that I can use digital mp3 karaoke tracks?

Changes in pitch can be due to mismatching sample rates.
Check that your Audacity project-rate is 48000Hz.
[ Importing the mp3 could change the project-rate ]

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Thanks Trebor - changing the sampling rate solved my issue. I had to readjust the latency.

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