Desperately need help with Xenyx1204

Hi all I do internet radio with Behringer Xenyx1204 USB Mixer. Now I had everything setup but moved 4 months ago and finally got to unpacking the box and the person who packed it unplugged every cord. So I am at a loss to remember where the plugs go i have microphone connected correctly just unsure where i connect the UCA200 (not the usb part the rca Jacks to the mixer part).

i generally connected it to my usb port it would pick up everything, every sound and music from my computer including skype and broadcasting was great and i could control the sound output thru my headphones fine.

Last night I tried reconnecting it best I could remember (it was connected for over 2 yrs before It was disconnected so I dont remember)
I could record my microphone but for some reason i couldnt get the output to my headphones and when i tried recording my vocals came thru strong but skype came thru low and music came thru normal…HELP!!

That’s notoriously hard to do, so if we do get it working, you have to promise to post back all your settings.

Do you remember that you had both the USB mixer and the UCA200 plugged into different USB ports at the same time? Do you remember how you had Audacity Preferences Input and Output set? What were the Skype settings?

Throwing Skype in the game makes things very painfully difficult. A podcast like that has two different shows running at the same time (Skype and the Podcast) and some way to avoid internet feedback.

Can you point to one of your older shows on line?


Googling doesn’t help because none of those examples have Skype connected.

Just as you have it now (no UCA-200), your headphones are plugged into the mixer, right? When you play something on the computer you can hear it OK in the headphones, yes?

I remember I tried this with different mixers a while back and it made my head hurt.
Still does.


You don’t have RCA to RCA cables, do you? You have RCA to 1/4" cables.
Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 2.25.01 PM.png

Thanx for the reply but now I think its mute, i went to try different settings and when i took out my headphone plug the bottom of the plug broke off inside the mixer where i can’t get to it. So It looks like Im going to have to get another mixer…

Wow. The question starts with "how do I connect my Xenyx 1204 mixer, but then you throw in “Internet Radio”, “Microphone”, and “Skype”, which are usually three mutually exclusive tasks. Perhaps you should start by describing what you were previously doing that you now want to do again. Please be detailed in your description so that we have a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve.

How did you manage to get it set up last time? Did someone set it up for you, or were you following a guide or instructions from somewhere?