Desperately in need of assistance :<

Allow me to apologize and pre-qualify by noting that I’m sure I’m not entirely in line with exact protocol for posting and requesting for help regarding files – still, I appreciate any leeway, as this is truly a very serious and time-sensitive situation.

I’ve come to understand (the hard way) that isolating vocals amidst heavy background ambience is near impossible. At one point I was able to do it with this particular file but have no idea what happened to the resulting output, and have since not been able to emulate.

In a nutshell, I had a home security system through which a bad actor sent audio recorded from my mobile device when I was well over 100 miles away. The “entity”, we’ll call it, failing to have bothered to secure a subpoena thought it clever to use this means in order to achieve whatever end goal. The video linked is manually recorded (not by me) footage of my backyard on a date from April wherein I was not home. When one listens closely over the deafening drone of the AC unit and outside cricket ambience, one immediately recognizes speech. It turns out this speech is as forementioned, hidden, recorded audio of myself and some acquaintances. No criminal activity was actually recorded, but the audio is being utilized (or was going to be) against me, had I not by chance stumbled upon it.

I’m quite certain any user here will be more adept at separating the conversant audio more from the background noise, while retaining both, just with the background noise substantially decreased so that one can easily hear the contents of the conversation. Of course I appreciate whatever privacy extended my way, but in the end, this is an open forum and I don’t mind discussion regarding…well…the discussion taking place. My main goal is to get this audio clear enough in order to reprove the above assertions. I’m able to recognize the conversation and date in which it took place, simply because it’s familiar. I need the layman to be able to discern this as well. As is recorded, one can make out that there is a conversation at high enough gain, but the background noise is so squelching and awful that you cannot discern what’s being said. Again, I know this can be rectified to some extent because I was able to do so at one point.

Finally, I must repeat, I’m sure I’m violating some policy and I sincerely apologize, but this is truly a dire and time sensitve manner. Any help is incredibly appreciated. If one were to provide me with the corrected file as I’ve described I would be more than willing to pay at least a small some immediately, and more in the near future, and you will have my eternal gratitude (not exaggerating). Here is a link to the file on my google drive. Again, thank you in advance and please forgive me for lack of appropriate etiquette. I have the utmost confidence in this community and certainly wish my audio editing skills were adequate. Thank you! I can be emailed at for further info.

There is no indication of any recoverable voices in that recording.

There is a phenomena called “Pareidolia”, which is the tendency of the human brain to see (or hear) patterns in random stimulus. This includes hearing voices or music in random noise. This phenomena is very common - almost everyone experiences it one way or another. Probably the most common form is seeing human or animal faces in random patterns (such as patterned curtains, rock and cloud formations, patterned wallpaper, etc). Hearing voices in “radio static” and similar noise is also pretty common.

I strongly suspect that the “speech” that you hear in this recording is an example of pareidolia, as I see no sign of actual speech patterns in the audio spectrum. Even if there is some very low level speech present, rest assured that there is definitely no recoverable speech in the recording.

I hear absolutely no voice. I hear the crickets in the garden. Even at maximum volume in the headset.

If you can hear voices on that it’s Rorschach audio, (like the inkblots).
The visual entity is, in-part, blurred spider-web close to the front of the camera,
catching the light as it moves in the breeze.

Guys, I’m so sorry – I knew there was something wrong – this is the correct link, I guarantee there is verbal conversation, you can hear it as is, but I’m confident someone can clarify it. Same as I stated above applies.

You can reach me via email or on this post. Thank you for your patience and attempts – I know for sure this one is good to go.

I’m not sure who approved your post, but we are not able to assist with forensic analysis. For legal cases, assistance should be sought from a qualified “Audio Forensic” expert.

There “could” be voices in the new clip that you have posted, but nothing that can be recovered with Audacity.

We do not provide email support.

Well guy ^ that was a pretty sharp respite – were it to have been me “adding” audio, I’d be wasting a lot of time offering any type of cash award, wouldn’t I? If I’m not good for it then petition for my banishment. I’m currently trying other audio boards and services, but because I’ve used Audacity since my youth (not well, obviously), I knew this would be the ideal arena.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you to all who gave it a shot :confused:

To recover voices that are buried under noise is not something that Audacity can do, so we prefer to let people know straight away, rather than wasting their time and getting their hopes up for something that Audacity cannot achieve. My apologies for not informing you sooner.